Equity Capital Markets

Lexus Group completely trusts the unmatched capability of its Equity Capital Markets Unit that has proven its expertise to provide proactive services that constantly benefitted customers in capital markets. A thorough comprehension of the market and the entities engaged in this sector and being likewise a competitive player in this market allows us the confidence to provide reliable advice and help in acquiring capital.

The complexity, importance and time dependency of equity capital markets can best be managed by people who have an extensive track record and know-how in dealing with various types and levels of capital market transactions in a variety of sectors.

Our specialized services are the following:

  1. Buyback
  2. Convertible bonds
  3. Initial Public Offering
  4. Follow-on Public Offering
  5. Qualified Institutional Placement
  6. Issues on Rights
  7. Open Offer
  8. Private Investment in Public Equity

Private Equity Entente

Lexus Group has an impressively wide experience when it comes to Private Equity Syndications, enduring relationships with some financial guarantors, and the capacity to handle procedures efficiently. What this track-record of fruitful transactions ultimately signifies is our special strategic management ability and a specialization expertise that provides prompt completion of complex, innovative equity transaction undertakings.

Private Equity Entente is intricate, long-drawn (usually running into several months), and requires many stages needing supervision, group evaluation, pinpointing the best investment method, collating and assessing several potential proposals from various investors, affiliating with service-providers, assuring due diligence, and consulting with shareholders in deals. Time is crucial in this regard and the goal is to determine the best provider at the least amount of time.

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